Spring Subway

“urban sensibilities designed to appeal to young middle-class”17270389_10212387804748800_1462985636_n I am a big fan of  getting places by walking and the only type of Public Transport I take in Bucharest is the Subway, although I must admit that when the weather is bad I take a cab or Uber.cover_spring_subwayBut the weather is nice now and the fastest way to travel is by subway ( unless you own a helicopter)


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When you are tired of people making fun of Furry Slippers


A thought for Fall:

Stop making fun of fluffy shoes, the cool ones are really cool and  it’s not LIKE their fault that people buy LIKE fake shoes and stuff. I mean, LIKE, you wouldn’t make fun of Kanye’s yeezys just because you can see a fake LIKE  on every street corner, right?!

When Demna Gvasalia announces he’s retiring

giphy1Good luck and good riddance! I’m sure that, if I get nostalgic (because looking like a gopnik is soooo desirable) , I can always find some old, uninspired late 90’s, early 2000s tacky sport items. BYE-EEEEEEEEEEEEE! XOXO

4Biking Around

Outfits 4 an endless Summer picked up from the Gram

So, Summer is here, and, as I always wanted, it came discreetly, respectful to Spring (as it usually never happens in Bucharest, where it either snows, rains or we’re having a heatwave).

Now that S.S.S. (Short Shorts Season) has officially started, I will show you 4 Outfits I wore while biking around:

1.The Rick Encounter, Heroin Chic x Cory Kennedy homage for the early 2000’s and her trashed LV’s (I promise I’ll dedicate a post, as she deserves) .                  19141785_10213368371862365_396212723_n


Cory Kennedy (2007ish)

What I Wore: “Alice Snorting Coke” T-shirt, Marni at H&M shorts, H&M socks, Ken Anniversary Cap (Colette Paris), Louis Vuitton Chantilly GM vintage bag, Pharrell Adidas Supercolor Superstar sneakers, Saint Laurent Classic 6 sunglasses.


2. The Ride for Love and Pride (Bucharest Pride 2017)19141709_10213368367782263_619866938_n.jpg

Bucharest Pride 2017

Bucharest Pride 2017

I couldn’t have chosen a worse color for a rainy day, but as romanian rock band, OCS (Omul cu sobolani- that means “the man with rats”) say in one of my favourite songs from them:

Anyway, who cares about rain and getting your clothes dirty, when you’re surrounded by so much  love and beautiful energies?!  No, Sir. Not me.
What I wore: H&M Trend “Approved by Unicorns” T-shirt, Fred Perry vintage shorts, ASOS Merino sweater, Le Petit Indigent parka, H&M socks, Converse All Star sneakers.
3. “Guccify yourself” outfit for riding your bike through Bucharest’s beautiful streets,

admiring historic buildings and dreaming about their stories and fantasize  about owning them.19141606_10213368367422254_2079372987_n

Casa_-Mita_Biciclista-,_Str._Biserica_Amzei_nr._9,_Bucuresti_sect._1 (1)

“Mita Biciclista” House in Bucharest

What I wore: vintage sweater, Gucci  T-shirt, Fred Perry vintage shorts, American Apparel socks, personalised Zarug shoes.


4.”Fire ride with me” Deep Red Outfit 19184139_10213368367662260_1231282634_n.jpgWhat I wore: Royal T Le Petit Indifent  T-shirt, Fred Perry vintage shorts (it seems these are my go-to shorts for riding), H&M socks, Converse All Star sneakers, vintage heart-shaped sunglasses.

The SSS has just started, so I’m looking forward to endless bike rides and Summer Adventures.


The Golden Age of Cell Phones

There was a time, not long ago, when mobile phone designers were set to                                      “Inspire Imagination”, as the motto of my favourite cell phone stated. 5586886698_2bd9e9b2b8_o.pngAt the end of 2005 Nokia announced the release of one of the most fashionable phone collections ever, Nokia L’amour, with an impressive flash  designed webpage full of  artworks and whimsical wonder and the most beautiful Tv Ad to this date. (only my last.fm account knows how many times I’ve listened to Dj Sayem’s World of Flowers)

It was love alright. Valentine’s Day 2006, the official release date got me what I call the most beautiful phone ever, cell that I still use in 2017, Nokia 7370.nokia7370.jpgMy second favourite phone was a Limited Edition, Fashion phone meets smart phone in one of the most organic, yet unusual shapes for a phone, the leaf-like Nokia 7600. Continue reading