The Golden Age of Cell Phones

There was a time, not long ago, when mobile phone designers were set to                                      “Inspire Imagination”, as the motto of my favourite cell phone stated. 5586886698_2bd9e9b2b8_o.pngAt the end of 2005 Nokia announced the release of one of the most fashionable phone collections ever, Nokia L’amour, with an impressive flash  designed webpage full of  artworks and whimsical wonder and the most beautiful Tv Ad to this date. (only my account knows how many times I’ve listened to Dj Sayem’s World of Flowers)

It was love alright. Valentine’s Day 2006, the official release date got me what I call the most beautiful phone ever, cell that I still use in 2017, Nokia 7370.nokia7370.jpgMy second favourite phone was a Limited Edition, Fashion phone meets smart phone in one of the most organic, yet unusual shapes for a phone, the leaf-like Nokia 7600.nokia7600.jpgThen, there was Motorola V3, the sexiest phone ever created, in the sexiest edition,  Dolce&Gabbana gold, a phone that still is my favourite cell to take out dancing(I hate carring my big ass TV shaped Iphone Plus). Funny fact about this edition, when you open the phone, a sexy male voice, like an italian Serge Gainsbourg, says “Dolece and Gabbana”motorola-razr-v3-dolce-gabbana.jpgI will never forget my first mobile phone crush though. I was 14 years old and completely unmoved by technology (at that time Versace sunglasses and Jean-Paul Gaultier anything were my guilty pleasures), then Nokia 3650 arrived. It was quirky, smart(at that time it had a memory slot and the best camera out there, so it is safe to say it was “the s**t”). I loved the old rotary phone inspiration for the keyboard and the round edges.nokia3650.jpgThen there was the hardcore priced, hard titanium cased Nokia 8800 Sirocco in Gold, wich I must admit I only liked for the finishing details and the luxurious, sensuous feel of the metal case, because as an actual phone it had poor specs even for that time( I was using the Nokia L’amour 7370 at the time and it was smarter than 8800, even though it was considered a “Fashion Phone”, so there were even smarter Nokias out there, but I guess none screamed “I’ve spent an exorbitant amount of money on a phone because I can” like the 8800s.8800.jpgThese were the days when Nokia ruled the mobile phone Industry and really excited us with every creative, new product, that was individualy designed.

Nowadays I don’t think I could find 5 phones worth talking about, design wise, much less select them from a bigger bunch. I mean, there’s the iPhone that everybody copy-pastes, especially Samsung, a brand that I really don’t like for the soul reason that it ALWAYS copied the brand that was on top( Samsung La Fleur really?!)

In conclusion: Dear cell phone designers, please bring design back.glamour_collection__amber_no_3_by_va_deam.jpg




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