4Biking Around

Outfits 4 an endless Summer picked up from the Gram

So, Summer is here, and, as I always wanted, it came discreetly, respectful to Spring (as it usually never happens in Bucharest, where it either snows, rains or we’re having a heatwave).

Now that S.S.S. (Short Shorts Season) has officially started, I will show you 4 Outfits I wore while biking around:

1.The Rick Encounter, Heroin Chic x Cory Kennedy homage for the early 2000’s and her trashed LV’s (I promise I’ll dedicate a post, as she deserves) .                  19141785_10213368371862365_396212723_n


Cory Kennedy (2007ish)

What I Wore: “Alice Snorting Coke” T-shirt, Marni at H&M shorts, H&M socks, Ken Anniversary Cap (Colette Paris), Louis Vuitton Chantilly GM vintage bag, Pharrell Adidas Supercolor Superstar sneakers, Saint Laurent Classic 6 sunglasses.


2. The Ride for Love and Pride (Bucharest Pride 2017)19141709_10213368367782263_619866938_n.jpg

Bucharest Pride 2017

Bucharest Pride 2017

I couldn’t have chosen a worse color for a rainy day, but as romanian rock band, OCS (Omul cu sobolani- that means “the man with rats”) say in one of my favourite songs from them:

Anyway, who cares about rain and getting your clothes dirty, when you’re surrounded by so much  love and beautiful energies?!  No, Sir. Not me.
What I wore: H&M Trend “Approved by Unicorns” T-shirt, Fred Perry vintage shorts, ASOS Merino sweater, Le Petit Indigent parka, H&M socks, Converse All Star sneakers.
3. “Guccify yourself” outfit for riding your bike through Bucharest’s beautiful streets,

admiring historic buildings and dreaming about their stories and fantasize  about owning them.19141606_10213368367422254_2079372987_n

Casa_-Mita_Biciclista-,_Str._Biserica_Amzei_nr._9,_Bucuresti_sect._1 (1)

“Mita Biciclista” House in Bucharest

What I wore: vintage sweater, Gucci  T-shirt, Fred Perry vintage shorts, American Apparel socks, personalised Zarug shoes.


4.”Fire ride with me” Deep Red Outfit 19184139_10213368367662260_1231282634_n.jpgWhat I wore: Royal T Le Petit Indifent  T-shirt, Fred Perry vintage shorts (it seems these are my go-to shorts for riding), H&M socks, Converse All Star sneakers, vintage heart-shaped sunglasses.

The SSS has just started, so I’m looking forward to endless bike rides and Summer Adventures.



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