Fashion Manners 06

6. If you don’t have anything nice to say..just shut the F up!6359324958887556561800050146_mean20girls2013If nobody asks what you think about their new shoes, their hair, their outfit,

and they are clearly excited about it, there is absolutely no need for you to shit all over.

If you like something, say it, that could make a person feel good.

But if you don’t, you don’t need to be honest or whatever name you use to find an excuse for being a troll.

Peace, Love and let people wear what they want. XOX


tumblr_mco1hsgye81r82f5ao1_5005. Be you.

Don’t try to change at the same speed trends do. Take what you like from fashion, don’t loose yourself beneath trends. You’re not true. We’re on to you.

Fakebook Generation

When I was 18 I almost gave my dad a heart attack.

It was the first chance I had to vote and I skipped it. I argumented that I didn’t have any “good choice”, which I now realize that was just plain stupid of me.

Born in Romania, I am part of the first generation raised exclusivelly in a democratic political system, and like most of them I just thought that all my rights are a given, more than often forgetting how hard people fought for those rights.

My dad said ” Very well my son, that’s soo smart of you. It’s fine that stupid people fought and died for your rights so you can just take a piss on that.”

I was ashamed. It was the first time I could vote, and the last time I didn’t.

You see, I liked to think that my generation is more involved and aware.

We go to protests, we speak our minds, we fight for our dreams and all that jazz

Unfortunately, I am reminded more often than I would like to, that most of those reactions are just “fashionable” for most people. 

It’s fashionable to speak out (on social media);

It’s fashionable to fight for human rights (on social media);

It’s fashionable to express discontent when we’re being marginalised (on social media);

It’s fashionable to show emotions and support for people in need (on social media);

It’s fashionable to be charitable (on social media);

Who cares what you think about laws, politicians, natural disasters, if you just post about it?! If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the people elected, if you don’t help someone in need, you can’t be judgemntal about other people not helping. If you don’t give to charity, you can’t judge people based on how much money they spend.

I’ve always seen myself as an Oscar Wilde book, deeply superficial.

I am capable of deep tought and introspection. I enjoy Art, History and Anthropology, and I actually like reading.

But in the same time you will see me spending 8 hours on, talk for days about some pair of shoes or start long argumentative discutions reasoning talking a few days more about the same shoes, or rewatching for the third time some cheesy sitcom.

I am all that, but I am aware.

I like dreaming and sometimes I live in my own world.

But when things get real, I have to get real also.

We think that we deserve our rights, but we must not forget that we have them because someone fought for them.

It’s disappointing to see how people fight the fight only on social media. How courage is something everybody has behind a screen, how we defend ourselves and others only on a wall, but stay completely silent when violence and injustice happens in front of us.

Stop being fake, and just BE the person you so relentlessly work to APPEAR to be.

After all, our souls have to look good too.

Yours truly,

A citizen of the world


Photo Credit: Essential Homme April May 2016


Fashion Manners 03

3. People often use this quote as a career goal: “Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.” Bitch, I don’t care if you’re Madonna, you should always introduce yourself when meeting new people.tumblr_lkqpfwifil1qi3n3go1_500If they say “I know” that’s cool, it means you’ve done a good job in whatever field you work in. But remember Confidence is not Arrogance. Nobody likes a pompous prick.

Fashion Manners 02

2.You should never judge a person by the money they spend on clothing. Someone’s purchasing power doesn’t ensure style.

Style and Money are not the same

Sadly enough, sometimes the people who spent most on designer labels, are just fashion victims, while some of the most inspiring individuals wear almost exclusively thrift store clothing. 

So, if you ever judge someone because they wear cheap clothing, I’m afraid the only cheap item is you.