Spring Subway

“urban sensibilities designed to appeal to young middle-class”17270389_10212387804748800_1462985636_n I am a big fan of  getting places by walking and the only type of Public Transport I take in Bucharest is the Subway, although I must admit that when the weather is bad I take a cab or Uber.cover_spring_subwayBut the weather is nice now and the fastest way to travel is by subway ( unless you own a helicopter)


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Scarlett’s Drapes

artwork2An exciting character, full of strength and determination, in a unique moment in cinema history, is the starting point towards making the Le Petit Indigent pieces.

Symbol of a class  gone with the wind, heavy velvet drapes of silk and cotton, with elaborated tassels, are interpreted as sport clothing through a juxtaposition of textures and patterns apparently antithetical.

Le Petit Indigent  invites you in the story  Scarlett’s Drapes,

a Capsule Collection that reinterprets a modern classic, the hoodie, in the most seductive texture, velvet.

Photo:  Dragos Mitrofan
Make-Up:      Ioana Covali
Model:         Anne Marie Jipa
Artwork:     Marius Concita  & Razvan Firea

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Midnight Visit

DSC00130.jpgDSC00132.jpgDSC00138.jpgRich wool textures in neutrals and whites is something that I’ve always enjoyed mixing.   I have this vintage, virgin wool coat from my grandmother. I love the subtle, neutral shades of the check pattern and the gorgeous sleeve cut reminding me of vintage Balenciaga. The sweater was a gift from my mother and is everything I’ve wanted in a lambswool cableknit sweater. I believe that the natural, undyed wool is the best shade and a definite must-have, so you can imagine my excitement when I found matching leather driving gloves. The hooded scarf with faux fur trimming is Dsquared and it was a gift from one of my closest friends.

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Great Expectations

Fairy Tale Fashion1.jpg


“I have a heart to be stabbed in or shot in, I have no doubt,’ said Estella, ‘and, of course, if it ceased to beat I should cease to be. But you know what I mean. I have no softness there, no—sympathy—sentiment—nonsense.”





Photo: Tudor Cucu ( www.tudorcucu.com )

Styling: Razvan Firea ( lepetitprincestyle.wordpress.com )

Estella: Noelle Vlasov ( styleinamajor.com )

Pip: Andrei Bran

Hair&Make-up: Javier Vergara

Hair&Make-up assistant: Anda Tepei

Location: Castel Film Romania

Fashion Editorial Published in Beau Monde December 2016 cover_dec2016.jpg


12 Favorite Looks from Gucci Men’s Pre Fall 2017 Awesomeness Collection

Since I was a child I have not been this excited about a brand.

My heart beats faster, my mouth won’t close

and my paranoiac side wonders if  Alessandro Michele is  stealing his ideas

from my dreams.15571051_10211575302956763_897733254_n

I think the cultural messages in each embroidery, sequin, the historical references

all mixed up together, multicultural, multi-patterned, this is how I personally see the future of Fashion. 15722811_10211575303436775_1431690667_n

Some may argue that the buzz around him will pass, but I think is rather fascinating to be able not to take out anything and just by adding, and adding, and adding, to metamorphose your aesthetic into something completely new, yet familiar.15682825_10211575304276796_655430101_n15722562_10211575304756808_267506856_n

This also demonstrates respect for your client and a strong point of view.

I don’t think is cool anymore to completely change your brand’s direction from a collection to another.

I think style is something you are born with and  develop for the rest of your life.

It is something personal and it should reflect just that.